October 12, 2022

6 pm EDT | 3 pm PST


A less-known impact of stress is its ability to negatively shift how we view our efficacy at work and in our personal lives. Over time this can cause us to feel ineffective and exacerbates burnout. Come learn the scientific link between stress and efficacy and how to actively shift your lens in ways that build your sense of efficacy in the roles that matter most to you.

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Join Dr. Miller, Director of Research, and Dr. Chevalier, Associate Director of Research, as they share the research and practical application tips for your schools and classrooms.

Dr. Eve Miller is an experienced cognitive neuroscientist with fifteen years of applied work in the genetics, healthcare, military intelligence, and education fields. She has trained in a variety of research methods, from brain imaging to behavioral assessment.

Dr. Jennifer Chevalier has worked in public education for 15 years, serving as a Teacher, Educational and Instructional Coach, Talent Developer, and Research and Grants Development Manager. She has spoken at national webinars and research-related conferences and events, working to increase the research base around Leader in Me.

Brad Montague is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning director. He is the mind behind ‘Kid President’, the internet sensation featured on Rainn Wilson’s Soulpancake Youtube channel. He has written and directed many of the channel’s most popular pieces, each designed to creatively communicate hope to kids and former kids. His work has garnered more than 800 million views, been translated into countless languages, and captured the attention of people like Tom Hanks, Beyonce’, and even the White House.

As an illustrator his encouraging work is seen and shared daily online. It can also currently be found on newsstands in Chip and Joanna Gaine’s Magnolia Journal where Montague has a recurring spread appearing in each issue. Brad is also the force behind ‘Socktober’ the worldwide annual drive connecting people with their local homeless shelters and ‘Wondersparks’ – free classroom resources designed to cultivate empathy and imagination.


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Learn why schools and districts around the world are using Leader in Me as a framework to fundamentally transform their classrooms – and their community.

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