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Build a culture where students and staff thrive.

In a Leader in Me school everything from the decoration on the walls to the activities in the classroom communicates the worth and potential of students and staff. Establishing a culture of respect and belonging helps strengthen relationships and outcomes for administrators, staff, students, and caregivers.

Cultivating the culture of your school matters:

For many students, attending school can feel psychologically and physically unsafe. They may encounter coercive discipline practices, bullying, and other adverse experiences that make them feel that school is an uncaring place. Research demonstrates that the lack of a sense of safety and belonging at school can have a detrimental impact on student achievement and to interfere with students reaching their full potential. In contrast, a positive and supportive learning environment has been shown to boost academic outcomes leading to improved grades, test scores, and student engagement.


Battery Creek High School

See how Battery Creek reinvented themselves, increased graduation rates from 76.6% to 86%, and created a culture of student leadership and empowerment that transformed the school and their community.

What educators are saying:


Empowered learning for young learners.
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“The Leader in Me solidified us all around a common language, an ordinary meaning, and a shared vision” and “had a tremendous impact on our school culture and climate.”


“Watching the magic happen when you make sure that every kid in your building knows that they have genius in themselves and you see what that genius multiplies into everywhere you look.”


“We love the culture that it has brought to our building! We love that our staff and students are all in and they fully believe in the program itself and the habits have helped all of us in both our school life and personal life.”


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