Does FranklinCovey, a for-profit organization, have a role in schools?

Author: redolive
August 21, 2018

Yes. All schools work with for-profit organizations to provide essential products and services necessary for the day-to-day operations and improvements of the schools such as the procurement of desks, textbooks, supplies, computers, software, professional development, coaching services, food services, and so forth.

FranklinCovey is well equipped to serve public, charter, and private schools, having worked with thousands of K–12 schools over the past 25 years. As well, the Education division benefits greatly from being part of a larger organization. For example, FranklinCovey’s significant, ongoing research-and-development efforts have resulted in key elements of its world-class content being specifically designed for and made available to schools. As well, FranklinCovey’s commitment to its goal of delivering quality results for those it serves has led FranklinCovey to be able to build and assemble a team of extraordinarily talented and experienced educators.

In an effort to impact as many schools, students, and educators as possible, FranklinCovey offers its educational products and services to educators at a discount of 50 percent or more, compared to its corporate clients. Additionally, over the past several years, FranklinCovey has donated millions of dollars in products and services to schools in need. For example, for each 7 Habits manual purchased by a client organization, FranklinCovey donates a Student Journal to a student in need living throughout the world.

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