How much does Leader in Me cost?

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August 22, 2018

FranklinCovey provides its world-renowned content and processes to schools at a discount of 50 percent or more compared to its corporate clients.

The standard cost of implementing Leader in Me varies based upon the numbers of staff and students served at each school. Averages in the U.S. range from $40-$50 per student per year during the first three years of implementation, and $14-$19 per student per year beyond year three. Recent innovations with the process have also introduced the ability for districts to become certified in Leader in Me content and deliver training to their own staff through a train-the-trainer approach, which can significantly reduce the cost. Comparing similar processes is difficult, based upon various implementation strategies and scope of services provided. But, when compared to processes with similar scope of services, the cost of Leader in Me is comparable or less expensive.

Schools that implement Leader in Me process over the first three years receive:

  • Six days of on-site staff training, which includes training in The 7 Habits (two days), Launching Leadership (one day), Creating Culture (one day), Aligning Academics (one day), and Empowering Instruction (one day)
  • Two onsite coaching days per year
  • Two community coaching days per year
  • Coaching phone calls and other virtual coaching support
  • Regional new-staff training
  • Regional principal development
  • Leader in Me Online, which includes numerous resources, such as digital training modules, classroom videos, lesson resources, assessment tools, best practice sharing, etc.
  • Student leadership curriculum, teacher resources, and other classroom materials

In a survey of principals who have implemented Leader in Me, 90 percent of principals responded that Leader in Me is a “worthwhile” or “extremely worthwhile” investment.

Over the past several years, FranklinCovey has donated millions of dollars in donations, products and services to schools in need. For example, FranklinCovey provides donations to schools directly or to foundations that support Leader in Me Schools. Additionally, for each 7 Habits manual purchased by a client organization, FranklinCovey donates a student leadership guide to a deserving student living throughout the world.


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