What do parents whose children participate in Leader in Me in schools think about the Leader in Me process?

Author: redolive
August 22, 2018

Parents of students in Leader in Me Schools report high satisfaction with the impact of Leader in Me, according to a recent study commissioned by FranklinCovey and conducted by Lighthouse Research & Development, Inc., an independent market-research firm. The study investigated the awareness, satisfaction, and experiences of parents whose children attend Leader in Me Schools. Five schools were studied for a sample size of 248 parents, ensuring a statistical confidence rate of 95 percent with a ±6.22 percent margin of error. Results of the study include:

  • 84 percent of parents said they were satisfied or highly satisfied with Leader in Me (rating it 5–7, on a 1–7 scale], while only 5 percent were unsatisfied (rating of 1–3). Notably, 77 percent of parents said they were highly satisfied with Leader in Me as a whole (rating 6–7).
  • 78 percent said they were highly satisfied (rating 6–7) with how Leader in Me has encouraged “character building and development in students.”
  • 75 percent said they were highly satisfied (rating 6–7) with “leadership qualities emerging in [their] students” as a result of Leader in Me.
  • Although Leader in Me is not designed as an academic program, approximately three-quarters of respondents (73 percent) reported being highly satisfied (rating 6–7) with the “academic improvements made by their students” since the implementation of Leader in Me in their school.

Below are representative comments from parents who expressed satisfaction with Leader in Me:

Gayle Gonzalez: “Our daughter was in fourth grade; a new boy came to her classroom with significant anger issues. The way the teacher handled this student was inspiring. The teacher visited honestly with the children one afternoon when the boy was not in class. She said, “The recent blowups in our classroom are not working for us to make a good learning environment.” In other words, she involved the students in the solution. The children understood that much of the problem was this new student. On their own, they formed a support team. They said they could help this new boy even better than the teacher could. The young man responded well and was making great academic progress for the first time in his life. When he moved away, students in the class cried. They had learned to love him.”

Rochelle McGee: “My son’s ability to communicate has jumped about 10 levels. When our friends, grandparents, and neighbors comment on how articulate our nine-year-old is, that he actually converses rather than merely answering questions with a yes or no, I can’t help but think it’s the confidence he has built as a by-product of living the 7 Habits.”

Frances Gardner: “Evan is reserved, quiet, and prefers to spend time alone but is very intelligent. When he was five, he was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, so social interactions, speech, and other things are difficult for him. Prior to this year, Evan had only one birthday party with friends. He didn’t like to have parties and had rarely been invited to them…. When The Leader in Mewas introduced, I saw how it might help Evan to be more organized and focused educationally, and it has. What I didn’t foresee was how much it would help him outside of school. His social life has blossomed…. Evan has asked to have friends over to play this year, and recently asked to have a birthday party with friends from school…. That day I looked at Evan as a typical second-grade boy having a blast with his buddies on his birthday. At the end of the party, he hugged his friends and thanked them for coming. The program has given my son an opening to be himself with all of his little quirks and still be a part of the group. He is much more comfortable being himself socially. It has lit his fire.”

For more information on this study, or to read additional comments from parents about Leader in Me, download the Parent Perceptions Survey Report here.

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