Why do schools need to pay FranklinCovey to implement the Leader in Me process, instead of reading the book and implementing a process on their own?

Author: redolive
August 22, 2018

The Leader in Me process teaches students valuable leadership and life skills through a systematic approach. For schools to experience the full impact of the process, it must be implemented with fidelity, which requires intentional training with the prescribed content and follow up and ongoing coaching to support the integration of the content within the school.

While some schools read the book and try to implement the process independently, they report difficulty in communicating and integrating the content into the school and in achieving the desired outcomes without additional support. Schools who partner with FranklinCovey receive that support with professional development, materials, and coaching, which account for the majority of the cost of implementing the process.

FranklinCovey remains committed to investing in and refining the Leader in Me process to reflect the latest trends, research, and developments in the fields of education, leadership and culture. Educators also offer their feedback on best practices, adding to the continuous improvement of the process.

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