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“It’s been life-changing for me in so many ways to see all of these nations coming together with a common mission and purpose… it just gives me such hope and such promise for our future. I’ve learned so much from our international leaders, who have such amazing perspectives and amazing ideas.”

-Muriel Summers, Principal, A.B. Combs Elementary

A Global Community of Educators

Leader in Me is growing and being adopted by schools around the world because it addresses common global education challenges.

These challenges include preparing students for a global economy, and equipping them with skills to successfully navigate a world of constant change and choice. Additionally, principles embodied in Leader in Me, such as the 7 Habits and The 4 Disciplines of Execution, transcend cultural boundaries because they are timeless, universal, and secular.

2018 Global Summit

2018 Global Summit

Building Momentum Around the Globe

Building Momentum Around the Globe



Lighthouse Schools

Schools who achieve “Lighthouse” certification shine as examples of the Leader in Me process taken to its deepest and most impactful implementation. Every school that commits to Leader in Me has the tools to join the hundreds of other Lighthouse schools around the world. Lighthouse will shine with their voice, lighting the way for others with excellence.

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Learn how thousands of schools in over 50 countries worldwide are discovering answers to some of the most challenging issues educators face today.

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