January 11th @ 1pm PST / 4 pm EST


The concept of psychological safety can be a very helpful entry point for conversations about school safety. But what is psychological safety and why is it at the core of the approach that nearly 70% of superintendents say they are centering on to address overall school safety concerns?

In this research conversation, we will define psychological safety and examine research that speaks to its effectiveness as an essential approach to school safety efforts.

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Join Dr. Miller, Director of Research, and Dr. Chevalier, Associate Director of Research, as they share the research and practical application tips for your schools and classrooms.

Dr. Eve MillerĀ is an experienced cognitive neuroscientist with fifteen years of applied work in the genetics, healthcare, military intelligence, and education fields. She has trained in a variety of research methods, from brain imaging to behavioral assessment.

Dr. Jennifer Chevalier has worked in public education for 15 years, serving as a Teacher, Educational and Instructional Coach, Talent Developer, and Research and Grants Development Manager. She has spoken at national webinars and research-related conferences and events, working to increase the research base aroundĀ Leader in Me.


“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There is no greater investment.”

– Stephen Covey


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Learn why schools and districts around the world are using Leader in Me as a framework to fundamentally transform their classrooms – and their community.

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