February 21st @ 4 pm EST | 1 pm PST


We must talk about the psychological impacts of testing on students. Recent studies found that in the lead up to high stakes testing, students experienced declines in positive health behaviors, like high-quality sleep, and reported increased daily anxiety.

In this research conversation, we will share the impacts of the testing season on students and offer strategies to help them navigate the testing season from a place of psychological safety.

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Join Dr. Miller, Director of Research, and Dr. Chevalier, Associate Director of Research, as they share the research and practical application tips for your schools and classrooms.

Dr. Eve Miller is an experienced cognitive neuroscientist with fifteen years of applied work in the genetics, healthcare, military intelligence, and education fields. She has trained in a variety of research methods, from brain imaging to behavioral assessment.

Dr. Jennifer Chevalier has worked in public education for 15 years, serving as a Teacher, Educational and Instructional Coach, Talent Developer, and Research and Grants Development Manager. She has spoken at national webinars and research-related conferences and events, working to increase the research base around Leader in Me.


“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There is no greater investment.”

– Stephen Covey


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