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WEEK 1: Coffee with a LiM Coach February 25, 2021: 4-5 pm EDT
WEEK 2: Teacher Panel Discussion March 4, 2021: 4-5 pm EDT
WEEK 3: Research Conversations – Dr. Eve Miller March 9, 2021: 4-5 pm EDT


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Event Series Lineup

Week 1: Coffee with a LiM Coach

Join our panel of Leader in Me Coaches as they take a moment to press the pause button and reconnect with your why and redefine your roll! Make sure to come with all of your questions you want answered from burnout to equity to implementation and everything in between!

Week 2: Teacher Panel Discussion

This event will feature a diverse group of top teachers. This panel in particular will focus on  answering questions directly from event attendees.

Week 3: Research Conversation: Burnout & Wellness

Dr. Eve Miller

Dr. Eve Miller will share a simple model for sustainable wellness developed following a six month review of the latest scientific evidence. The end in mind is to provide participants with the information they need to assess, create, and sustain wellness. She will also share recommendations to ground the science in straightforward but impactful daily practices.
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