The end in mind of this session is to address the specific needs and opportunities discovered through the Measurable Results Assessment (MRA) that will impact results in leadership, culture, and academics.

Prerequisites: All installation workshops, annual MRA

Meet with administrator(s) and Lighthouse Coordinator(s).
• Review the MRA results and opportunities for growth and improvement.
• Understand district context and priorities.
• Develop options for intervention.
• Identify key strategies to pursue that align with school and district priorities.
• Set targets for school year growth.

Meet with the Lighthouse Team.
• Review (or formulate) the annual Leader in Me implementation plan.
• Make modifications to plan based on selected priorities and strategies.
• Identify changes in personnel and resource gaps.
• Adapt Lighthouse Team assignments based on priorities.
• Realign action teams to ensure plan execution.

Meet with grade-level/department teams.
• Explain insights from MRA, as well as priorities and targets for the year.
• Identify key behavioral changes required for improvement.
• Establish collaboration and accountability routines.

Meet with all staff before or after school.
• Reconnect to the Core Paradigms.
• Grow vision for measurable results in leadership, culture, and academics.

NOTE: Achieve Measurable Results is a Targeted Coaching Session recommended annually for Day 1 of Levels 4+.

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