Dr Curtis Jones Jr

We talk about what students experience at home and in the community; they bring that to school. Leader in Me for us has been something that we had at school that they can take home. We’re finding that students are taking the language of the 7 Habits to their parents, and to their churches, and to their organizations and teams, and that is creating a change that I was not anticipating.

Dr. Curtis L. Jones Jr.
2019 National Superintendent of the Year
Bibb County School District
Macon, Georgia

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“An operating system for your school and the school community. It can be used to inform and sculpt nearly every aspect of school life.”

— Central Elementary

“The amount of support and resources to help with school implementation are priceless.”

— Mariposa Elementary

“The best thing about Leader in Me is the way it can affect the entire community.”

— Live Oak Learning Center

“It builds in skills needed to be successful in life and adds to a school culture wherever you are at.”

— Solana Pacific Elementary

Student goal setting and tracking progress is a powerful way to empower student progress and celebrate success. Giving students leadership roles makes them come alive! Seeing them take such responsibility is empowering and brings tears to my eyes. Having a common language of the 7 Habits really brings our entire school together. I just love everything about Leader in Me.

— Gammon Elementary


District Spotlight:

Mattoon Community Unit School District

Learn how Mattoon has used the highly effective practices and paradigms to drive achievement, excitement, and student-led learning for students at every age. Their focus on making learning a joyful experience and leadership a contribution each of us can make is driving results throughout their classrooms and community.

District Leader in Me Teacher

Leader In Me has shifted the culture of our students, teachers and parents. Students are engaged and focused on their “end in mind” which accelerates achievement, and decreases incidences of off task behaviors. The coaching model has opened up the opportunity for ongoing, continuous professional development in our “real time” setting. It has been a meaningful learning experience for our faculty and staff that has bonded us.

— Michael C. Riley Elementary


SDUSD Hickman Elementary

Learn how the staff and students at Hickman Elementary used Leader in Me to transform their school culture and create a community based on student-led learning, empowerment, and leadership at every level.

L R square district

It has caused a culture change for my school. Teacher morale is up, student behavioral referrals are down, my teachers are finding ways to be proactive in their actions and deeds, and my students have found their voice.

— Ka’a’awa Elementary School

Leader in Me has had a tremendous impact on my staff, students and families. It has improved our school culture, boosted moral, reduced behavior concerns and increased student engagement and personal ownership of the school. Parents have also shared they have seen a difference in the students and their children are using the 7 Habits language at home.

— Mariposa Elementary

Dr Trevor Thomas

The biggest outcome is the rise in student advocacy and leadership. Students are creating initiatives and recognizing leadership in their peers. We are fortunate to help our students own their education and development with Leader in Me!

— Trevor Thomas, Ed.D., Superintendent, Heath City Schools

The process is very focused and inclusive of all aspects needed to develop well rounded individuals. It allows for depth with leadership, culture, and academics.

— Alexander Elementary

When we do it right, it greatly empowers students to grow and gain confidence. I’ve seen students who are prone to be negative and pessimistic become proactive, thoughtful and positively motivated.

— Woods Cross Elementary

“It provides a solid framework for improving the whole child.”

— Blue Ridge Elementary

“A holistic approach for educators to teach Leadership.”

— Argillite Elementary

Leader In Me gives us a framework for student ownership of learning.”

— Slavens School

“I love that this is about “growing” children to be the best they can possibly be.”

— Bonners Springs

Leader in Me has helped our schools build systems of support and accountability when it comes to building student leadership throughout our school. The culture of our school is very healthy, and I attribute much of this to the Leader in Me. It has allowed many students and teachers to find their voice and has helped create a culture of, “…many hands make small work” versus the same 5 people do everything. I don’t see us ever going back.

— Woodlawn Elementary


Prior to Leader in Me our culture was one that waited for direction. Now we have a community that is empowered where decisions, conversations, and leadership is our mission.

— Woodfill Elementary

Teachers Implementing Leader in Me

What I love about Leader in Me is that it’s not really a program but a way of life that promotes important life skills that all kids need. Furthermore, Leader in Me not only builds a positive environment for your students but for the staff as well.

— Kathryn Winn Primary School

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