Develop life-ready leaders, create a high-trust school culture, and achieve breakthrough results on what matters most.

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The world our students will step into as adults is filled with complexities and rapid change. The leadership skills they develop now will be their compass as they chart their postsecondary course.

By engaging every adult in the building, Leader in Me Schools build a shared vision for the future, promote collective efficacy, and create a culture of high engagement where all students have access to the leadership development opportunities they all deserve.

“We only get one chance to prepare our students for a future that none of us can possibly predict.”

—Muriel Summers

Student Leadership Curriculum


Leader in Me Secondary Schools encourage every student in the school to be involved in leadership development, including a student action team connected to an area of interest for them.

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Every Student Deserves a Leadership Education

The outcome of the Leader in Me Secondary process is to develop postsecondary-ready leaders in a culture where staff and students are highly engaged.

Leadership, Culture, and Academics

Leader in Me Secondary schools are communities driven by this purpose, and they do this by focusing on leadership, culture, and academics for students and staff. Schools may choose to administer the Secondary Measurable Results Assessment (MRA) to track school-wide progress.


Developing essential leadership competencies that help students succeed now and in postsecondary life, on whatever path they chose.

    • Lead teams and projects
    • Communicate effectively
    • Develop strengths
    • Build personal effectiveness


Creating a high-trust school culture by:

    • Building authentic relationships
    • Empowering potential
    • Extending trust
    • Communicating worth and potential


Achieving breakthrough results on the most important goals:

    • Learning to set and achieve goals as individuals and teams
    • Designing Leadership Portfolios
    • Aligning efforts to key initiatives and strategic plans
    • Student-led learning

By investing in our students’ future today, we are setting the stage for their success tomorrow, ensuring they emerge as confident and capable leaders ready to navigate the complexities of the world.

Student Curriculum


Empower students with a sense of belonging, purpose, and confidence.

High School Leadership Courses

Life Readiness Course

Life Readiness Course

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College Readiness Course

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Career Readiness Course

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Leadership Readiness Course

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Grades 6–8 Curriculum

Empower students to more fully contribute to their school’s leadership culture with five engaging themes across 35 modules, each designed for delivery in four 15-minute segments.

  • The First 8 Days
  • Learning and Leadership
  • Learning to Lead Self
  • Learning to Lead Others
  • Whole Person Leadership

Professional Learning


Drive School Organizational Results in Leadership, Culture, and Academics

Our Professional Learning provides secondary educators with practical tools designed for the secondary setting. Each module contains research insights and highly effective practices, and is supported by world-class FranklinCovey Education coaches.

Schools experience the full outcomes and benefits of the Leader in Me framework when all adults in the school building engage in the workshops.

Our Secondary solution offers customized learning experiences that adapt to various roles and school responsibilities, ensuring every department and staff member finds value in the learning.

Personalize Your Learning Needs with Flexible Modules

New 15-minute modules are available to support educators’ busy schedules and lack of professional learning time in schools. The secondary solution also includes level-specific Leader in Me Weekly articles, videos, and podcasts created for secondary, as well as microlearning to continue and reinforce new learnings and coaching days. Modules can be delivered onsite, live-online, or on demand.

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