Develop Life-Ready Leaders K-12

Guide students through an in-depth journey of growth and development by implementing Leader in Me in your elementary, middle, and high schools.

Consider the transformational impact of giving a student the opportunity to develop life-ready leadership skills as they grow up, beginning in kindergarten and continuing through high school graduation. Leader in Me District implementation is a community-wide, cost-effective model that provides students a path to build essential college, and career and life-readiness skills in each grade level.



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District Spotlight:

Mattoon Community Unit School District 2

# of Students: 3,142
Median income of public school households: $57,363

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District Spotlight:

San Diego Unified School District

# of Students: 121,000
Median income of public school households: $72,049
West Coast
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District Spotlight:

Collier County School District

# of Students: 47,000
Median income of public school households: $58,519
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Why District Membership?

✓ Increased Ownership

✓ Improved Scalability

✓ Greater Flexibility

✓ Cost-Savings

How Do Districts Engage with Leader in Me?

Districts can become a District Partner by purchasing the annual District Partnership. Districts may also wish to equip members of their staff to be District Coaches through the District Coach Certification & Development (C&D) program. 

What is a District Partnership?


District Alignment Coaching

  • An initial District Alignment Session during which a Leader in Me Coach seeks to understand the district’s goals and priorities and make connections to Leader in Me resources and services.
  • As a follow-up to the District Alignment Session, the coach will provide the school with an Annual District Alignment Plan which can be accessed on Leader in Me Online. This shapes the district’s engagement with Leader in Me for that school year.
  • The coach will also conduct online Coaching Sessions with district leaders throughout the school year to track progress against the Annual District Alignment Plan.
  • Leader to Leader sessions each year for district leaders. These sessions are designed specifically to foster growth as an executive-level leader in the field of education. This is a rare opportunity to deepen relationships with some of the best educators in the country.


Access to the District Portal on Leader in Me Online

  • Aggregate MRA Scoring for all schools in the district
  • User management and reporting for all district users
  • Access to 4 Essential Roles of Leadership self-paced course


District Community

  • District Leader to Leader calls throughout the year



  • Discounts on Annual Membership, Professional Development & Coaching, and materials for all purchases made by the district

Empowering District Leaders

With FranklinCovey certification, district leaders implement Leader in Me with the same global standard of quality.

Implementation on a district-level provides greater ownership, scalability, and flexibility to direct the Leader in Me implementation process and provide ongoing support to schools. This cost-efficient implementation process maintains the same global standard of quality with orientation, training, and ongoing support provided by FranklinCovey. Once roles are assigned, district team members become certified to direct implementation, facilitate training workshops, and provide continual coaching support to ensure measurable results are achieved district-wide.

Leader in Me Lighthouse Schools
Schools implementing Leader in Me through District Membership are guided towards achieving Lighthouse Certification - the mark of quality implementation.



Selection, Training, and Certification

FranklinCovey supports district leaders by helping assign key roles to establish the ideal Leader in Me implementation team.

Once district team members are assigned specific roles, they become certified to direct implementation, facilitate training workshops, and provide ongoing coaching support to their schools. FranklinCovey helps districts establish these roles by qualifying candidates and providing orientation, training, and ongoing support during each year of installation to ensure the district team has the tools and resources necessary to implement Leader in Me successfully. District Coordinators guide and direct Leader in Me implementation for multiple schools. Facilitators and Coaches complete the district implementation team with their certification to deliver training workshops and provide on-site support to schools within their district.

Leader In Me Teacher

District Coordinator

Administers Implementation

Role Description

Leader In Me Facilitator

District Coach

Delivers Training and Coaching Support

Role Description

Teacher Leadership
Questions? Connect with a FranklinCovey representative for more information about district pricing and implementation.

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