District Partnership

The foundation for achieving your district goals.

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Designed to help you achieve state, district, and school priorities.

Through this partnership a world-class FranklinCovey Coach will partner with district leaders in developing and maintaining intentional focus on targeted results through an Alignment Plan, utilizing the principles and practices of Leader in Me.

Interested in what District Partnership could look like in your district? Connect with a FranklinCovey representative for more information about pricing and implementation.



District Spotlights


Mattoon Community Unit School District 2

Building a shared vision for developing leaders


Collier County Public Schools

Achieving goals and building leaders at CCPS


Raising the Bar on Leadership in Ohio

Partnering as a community to equip students for success

 District Partnership Features

Services Tailored to Your District

  • Alignment Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Discounts
  • School Memberships

District Alignment Coaching

Our FranklinCovey education coaches are expert practitioners with directly applicable district experience.

District Alignment Session

Your coach will work with district leaders to produce an Annual District Alignment Plan.

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District Coach Sessions

Track progress on your Annual District Alignment Plan and provide support to achieve your objectives throughout the year.

District Coach Certification & Development

Add on annually to train and certify internal district coaches to deliver FranklinCovey content throughout your district, creating sustainable impact at scale.

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Progress Tracking

The Measurable Results Assessment (MRA) is a validated and rigorously developed assessment tool that schools and districts can use to guide decision-making and show progress towards important goals. The results are aggregated and anonymized at the school level.
  • District-Level Aggregate MRA dashboard designed for district leaders to share and track progress on goals related to leadership, culture, and academics for the Leader in Me schools in their district.

District Leadership Development

FranklinCovey is the most trusted leadership company in the world. Bring that time-tested expertise into your district.

  • The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership premium online course and resources for district staff.
  • Leader-to-Leader Sessions throughout the year to develop your district leaders, apply new learning, and connect with some of the best educators in the country.


  • Exclusive district pricing on materials
  • Discounted rate for implementation coaching and professional development services
  • Discounted rate for Executive Coaching

Technical Implementation Made Easy

Leader in Me integrates with Clever to provide teachers and staff a single, secure login for all digital resources available to members on Leader in Me Online.

  • Automated rostering with Student Information System (SIS) for Teacher and Staff user accounts
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Other Single Sign-on options are also available upon request. 

Additional Products for Districts

Develop Your Leaders

  • Executive Coaching for District Leaders
  • Executive Coaching for Principals and Future Administrators
  • World-Class Leadership Workshops

Achieve District Priorities

  • District Implementation Coaching
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution Workshops and Coaching
  • The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership Workshop

Equip Your Own Coaches

  • Coach Certification and Development (C&D) for District Coaches through an annual C&D contract.
  • Executive Coach Training Program

District Alignment Session

Develop a shared understanding of your district’s overall mission, vision, values, processes, targeted results, and how the Leader in Me Framework can serve as the tool that aligns all of your initiatives

The District Alignment Session is highly engaging and interactive.

With clear outcomes built around identifying how Leader in Me can help your district achieve its goals and create a culture of leadership and academic excellence, this session provides the time and support to create a clear plan for District Alignment.


This session will empower district leaders to see how Leader in Me aligns with and supports their overall vision for their district as they create a plan for successful implementation. Participants will leave the session inspired to take ownership of the process and drive positive change within their districts.


District Superintendent, Leader in Me Coordinator(s), Cabinet.

Optional audience may include additional participants the Superintendent chooses to involve, such as building administrators and/or board members.


  • The District Alignment Session is comprised of 5 modules
  • 4 hours with the full audience. Designed to meet the fast-paced demands of an executive-level audience with highly engaging activities with clear outcomes.
  • 2 hours with the District Coordinator and any other participants relevant to planning the logistics of district implementation.
  • Set your district up to successfully execute your District Alignment Plan.


  • Target Results
  • Align Leader in Me
  • Maximize Systems
  • Share Vision
  • Plan Logistics

The 4 Disciplines of Execution® framework provides a practical and effective approach for achieving results in the midst of busy, day-to-day responsibilities. Through 4DX®, district leaders can harness the power of collective efficacy across departments and teams to ensure goal-setting leads to tangible results.

Teacher Leadership
Questions? Connect with a FranklinCovey representative for more information about district pricing and implementation.

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