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FranklinCovey is the world leader in helping organizations from all industries achieve culture change with award-winning content, tools, methodology, training, and coaching—all based on a foundation of timeless principles and proven practices.

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Inspire students and staff with leadership principles from FranklinCovey’s best-selling books, award-winning content, and a rich 20-plus-year history of consulting with top organizations from around the world.

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Featured Leader in Me Content

Learn how The 7 Habits if Highly Effective People and The 4 Disciplines of Execution impact Leader in Me implementation.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®

The world’s most influential framework for personal and professional effectiveness.

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The 4 Disciplines
of Execution®

The ultimate formula for creating focus, accountability, and goal achievement in schools.

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Timeless Principles

More than just situational values or ethics, timeless principles are universal laws shared by every culture.

FranklinCovey content is built on the foundation laid by The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, first published in 1989 and now with over 25 million copies sold. Since then, FranklinCovey has produced more best-selling books, training programs, and culture transformation solutions, all with an inside-out approach to personal and professional change.

Any individual or organization can have values or ethics, but timeless principles of effectiveness are not limited by time or circumstance. The principles and practices of Leader in Me unite diverse cultures around the world and prepare students to excel in a global economy with a common language of leadership.

What is Leader in Me?Global Impact

What Is Leadership?

Many people equate leadership with a formal position of authority. In contrast, we believe anyone can be a leader by intentionally leading one’s own life (leading self) and working well with and encouraging the greatness in others—family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues (leading others).

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Leadership Skills Development

Everyone can be a leader. When schools adopt this paradigm, students take ownership of their learning.

Leadership training and development created by FranklinCovey encourages the development of leadership skills inherent in us all. Leadership, as defined by Leader in Me, powerfully resonates with children and enables greatness. Once students begin to internalize this principle of empowerment, they become engaged, responsible, collaborative, and confident in the face of life’s challenges. Students who develop life-ready leadership skills through the Leader in Me process are prepared for college, career, and life.

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A Winning Culture

Winning school cultures are unique, deliberately designed, and high-performing.

Years of experience implementing Leader in Me in schools around the globe has taught us that a winning school culture produces at least four critical outcomes:

• First, schools with winning cultures achieve sustained, superior results— today, tomorrow, next trimester, next year, and beyond.
• Second, schools garner loyalty and trust from parents and community members who are passionate supporters of their growth.
• Third, the majority of staff members and students are fully engaged, giving their best effort to a teaching and learning process with purpose.
• Fourth, the school creates a sense of belonging and meaningful contribution, where school performance is directly impacted by the efforts of staff and students working in tandem.


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