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The 4 Disciplines of Execution has sold millions of copies to leaders in business, government, education, and more.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) is a simple, repeatable, and proven formula for executing on your most important strategic priorities in the midst of the whirlwind. By following 4DX, leaders can produce breakthrough results, even when executing the strategy requires a significant change in behavior from their teams.

4DX is not theory. It is a proven set of practices that have been tested and refined by hundreds of organizations and thousands of teams over many years. When an organization or individual adheres to these disciplines, they achieve superb results-regardless of the goal.

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By understanding that the schoolwide goals for increasing achievement have to do with how each individual student makes progress toward their own learning, participants report that students thereby own their learning.

-Dr. Robyn Stella, Gardner-Webb University

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Achieve Schoolwide Goals

Become a high performing school by uniting students, staff, and administrators around 4DX.

During the early stages of evolving the Leader in Me process, integrating 4DX became a breakthrough system for helping Leader in Me Schools achieve measurable results. The Aligning Academics workshop for elementary and middle school introduces the process of implementing 4DX with staff and students. Today, schools from around the world are establishing goals that align key initiatives that target measurable improvements in leadership, culture, and academics.

Topics of Impact

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✓ Student Behavior

✓ Staff Social/Emotional
and Teaching Readiness

✓ Student Leadership

✓ Family Engagement

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✓ Staff or Student Attendance

✓ Supportive School Environment

✓ Student Engagement

✓ Staff Satisfaction

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✓ Reading Proficiency

✓ Math Proficiency

✓ Teaching Efficacy

✓ Student-Led Learning

Discipline 1

Focus on the Wildly Important

One of the greatest challenges for any organization is having too many goals. Exceptional execution starts with narrowing the focus— clearly identifying what must be done, or nothing else achieved really matters much. Once a Wildly Important Goal is established throughout a school, administrators, staff, and students can exert more of their effort towards achieving it together.

Discipline 2

Act On the Lead Measures

Lead measures track the most impactful things a team must do to reach the goal — the new behaviors that will drive success on the lag measures. A good lead measure has two basic characteristics: it’s predictive of achieving the goal and influenceable. The lead measures are then codified into individual actions and tracked fanatically.

Discipline 3

Keep a Compelling Scoreboard

Discipline 3 is the discipline of engagement. In principle, the highest level of performance always comes from people who are emotionally engaged. And, the highest level of engagement comes from knowing the score — that is, if people know whether they are winning or losing. People and teams play differently when they are keeping score, and highly visible scoreboards motivate players to win.

Discipline 4

Create a Cadence of Accountability

Discipline 4 is where execution really happens. The first three disciplines set up the game, but until one applies Discipline 4, the team isn’t in the game. It is based on the principle of accountability: that unless we consistently hold each other accountable, the goal naturally disintegrates in the Whirlwind. The cadence happens when team members hold each other accountable regularly in a weekly meeting.

The teachers all indicated that the Data Notebook was a tool that empowers students or establishes ownership over their learning. They also believe that it was beneficial in providing a solid understanding for their students about how to monitor their learning goals, their status in mastering those learning goals, and ways to meet those goals.

-Dr. Tracy Platt, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Tracking and Achieving Student Goals

Students are more engaged and successful when they are able to track their own academic performance.

A Leadership Notebook helps students track their academic data, and to set goals and consistently track progress on those goals, giving them the ability to “course-correct” at any time. By tracking progress, students learn to identify patterns of strengths and challenges, and use this knowledge to develop new goals. Leadership Notebooks allow students to see growth over time. As this occurs, they gain knowledge of themselves as learners, reinforce a growth mindset, increase their confidence, and develop a sense of ownership for their learning.

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