✓ Social-Emotional Learning

✓ College and Career Readiness

✓ Bullying

✓ Equity for All Students

✓ Resilience Through ACE

✓ Self-Directed Learning
✓ Positive and Safe School Culture

✓ Restorative Practices
✓ Mental Health



✓ Teacher Bias

✓ Celebrating Diversity

✓ Parent Engagement

✓ Attendance

✓ Staff Engagement

✓ Data-Driven Performance


✓ Common Core

✓ Professional Development

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Social-Emotional Learning

Helping students cope with their emotions, set goals, manage relationships, make good choices, and effectively communicate with others.

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College and Career Readiness

Preparing students for a successful future as they face challenges as a student and/or employee after graduation.


Addressing the lasting effects of persistent, unwanted, aggressive, and hurtful behavior between students.

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Equity for All Students

Improving equality among students in communities who face disadvantages related to poverty.

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Resilience Through Averse Childhood Experiences

Overcoming the chronic effects of abusive or traumatic experiences in life.

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Self-Directed Learning

Creating an environment of student-led learning where teachers release control and empower student collaboration.

Positive and Safe School Culture

Establishing a violence-free environment of unity, purpose, and positive influence among staff and students.

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Strengthening relationships between individuals and social connections within communities.

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Mental Health

Balancing the demands of school, relationships, and life as students face unique challenges related to mental health.


Encouraging good behavior with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

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Teacher Bias

Maintaining equality and diversity at school by addressing biases with race, gender, income etc.

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Celebrating Diversity

Valuing the differences and contributions of every student as a unique advantage for school culture.

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Family Engagement

Engaging parents with shared goals between home and school to develop life-ready leaders.

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Creating meaningful purpose and a sense of belonging by uniting students and staff in an improved school culture.

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Staff Engagement

Reigniting passion and purpose for all staff members with exciting new paradigms and goals.

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Data-Driven Performance

Establishing data processes that track schoolwide performance gaps.


Responding to state-level guidelines established by the federal government to improve education.

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Common Core

Aligning mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA) state standards.

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Professional Development

Providing training opportunities to learn effective skills for both administrators and staff.

School Membership

Whole-Child Education

Seeing each child from every perspective outside academics to nurture and help them develop.

One of the major differences between Leader in Me and other schoolwide positive behavioral interventions and support programs is that students are not given tangible tokens or rewards for the expected behavior. …Schools that utilize Leader in Me teach expectations and then aim to have students display the behavior not for rewards, but because it is expected.

Dr. B. Bryant (2016) Capella University

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Aligning Important Initiatives

Leader in Me aligns to many school, district, and state-wide initiatives.

Because of timeless principles of effectiveness and enduring paradigms, educators implementing Leader in Me are discovering lasting solutions to common challenges schools face throughout the world. Complicated issues that arise from society cannot be solved with stroke of the pen mandates. Instead, Leader in Me approaches every goal or initiate with a proven whole-school improvement model that transforms paradigms, improves behavior, and achieves measurable results. By integrating 4DX, educators can use it as a formula for addressing a variety of challenges.

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