✓ Building Student Resilience

✓ College, Career, and Military Service Readiness

✓ Bullying

✓ Sense of Belonging

✓ Self-Directed Learning

✓ Positive and Safe School Culture

✓ Restorative Practices

✓ Mental Wellness


✓ Celebrating Diversity

✓ Parent Engagement

✓ Attendance

✓ Staff Engagement

✓ Data-Driven Performance

✓Goal Achievement


✓ Common Core

✓ Staff Wellness

✓ Professional Development

✓ Collective Efficacy

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Building Student and Staff Resilience

Equip students and staff with tools to manage and overcome the impacts of trauma or adverse events.


Address the lasting effects of persistent, unwanted, aggressive, and hurtful behavior between and toward students.

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Restorative Practices

Strengthen relationships between individuals and social connections within communities.

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Teacher Efficacy

Building the level of confidence teachers have in their ability to guide students to success.


Encourage good behavior with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

One of the major differences between Leader in Me and other schoolwide positive behavioral interventions and support programs is that students are not given tangible tokens or rewards for the expected behavior. …Schools that utilize Leader in Me teach expectations and then aim to have students display the behavior not for rewards, but because it is expected.

Dr. B. Bryant (2016) Capella University

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Aligning Important Initiatives

Leader in Me aligns to many school, district, and state-wide initiatives.

With timeless principles of effectiveness and enduring paradigms, Leader in Me is helping educators discover lasting solutions to common challenges schools are facing throughout the world. These complicated issues cannot be solved with stroke-of-the-pen mandates. Instead, Leader in Me approaches every goal or initiative with a proven whole-school improvement model that transforms paradigms, improves behavior, and achieves measurable results. By integrating 4DX, educators can use its results-driving formula to address a variety of challenges.
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