Early Learning

Our youngest students are boundless in their ability to lead themselves, lead others, and make contributions to their schools, families, and communities.

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A Complete Early Learning Solution

  • Researched-Backed Student Curriculum
  • Strong Professional Learning for Educators
  • Five Thematic Learning Units
  • Classroom Tools and Resources
  • Full Digital Content Library and Curriculum Resources
  • School to Home and Family Connections

What Teachers Are Saying

We've Seen a Major Impact

We've Seen a Major Impact

They’re Better Prepared for the Learning Environment

They’re Better Prepared for the Learning Environment

I Can't Believe They're Able to do This at Five Years Old

I Can't Believe They're Able to do This at Five Years Old



Flexible, powerful, and empowering experiences help our youngest students learn from, with and about each other on their journey to become life-ready leaders.

Download the Curriculum Slip Sheet

Curriculum Module Structure

Each of the five modules contains nine weeks of content broken down into 15-minute learning experiences for children from birth to age five. The modules introduce young learners to concepts such as responsibility, time management, and emotional regulation through engaging and age-appropriate activities. These key executive functioning skills form the building blocks of academic readiness and school success.

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Curriculum Essentials

From streaming media to visual and teaching aids, the Leader in Me Early Learning Curriculum features a host of resources to engage little leaders.

Teacher Edition Curriculum Guides

Guide your instruction with up to 5 Teacher Editions, featuring  simple-to-use directions that include materials and preparation notes, discussion guides, lesson time stamps, and puppet scripts, as well as built-in previews of corresponding pages from the Student and Family Edition.

Student & Family Curriculum Guides

Provide students and families with the most engaging leadership learning experience with up to 5 Student and Family Editions, featuring delightful, full-color lesson resources and School-to-Home Connections.

Digital Resources on Leader in Me Online

Support learning with lesson slides or access the full library of Early Learning Curriculum resources in a digital format as downloadable PDFs, including complete Teacher Editions and Student & Family Editions, as well as fun online exclusives.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Video Series

With multiple series available, including the Leaders Around the World and the Take a Break series, students will love learning alongside the Kids of 7 Oaks characters.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Boxed Book Set

Build interest and excitement with picture walks and deepen understanding of leadership concepts with full read-alouds.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Puppet Set

Prompt thoughtful discussion with built-in puppet scripts and these fun hand puppets or use the Make-It-Yourself Puppets printable on Leader in Me Online

The 7 Habits Classroom Posters

Create a leadership classroom that communicates worth and potential with the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and other poster sets.

Students are prepared best for success in school through a balanced approach to social, cognitive, language, and emotional development.1

1. The science of early childhood development–in brief. (2007) Center on the Developing Child at Harvard. https://developingchild.harvard.edu/resources/inbrief-science-of-ecd/

Professional Learning


Early Learning Professional Learning provides educators with practical tools designed specifically for the early childhood setting. Each module contains research insights and highly effective practices.

Early Learning Professional Learning positions educators to:

  • Develop essential leadership competencies in themselves and their students.
  • Create a high-trust culture through authentic relationships.
  • Achieve breakthrough results on their most important goals.

Professional Learning Structure

Six modules plus ongoing professional development in the form of Leader in Me Weekly articles, videos, and podcasts created just for early learning educators and reinforced by world-class FranklinCovey Education coaches. Modules are tailored to school and district needs and can be delivered onsite, live-online, or on demand.

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