Students who can manage their emotions can better lead themselves.

Leader in Me’s early learning curriculum integrates seamlessly from school to the home with activities that invite caregivers to share in their student’s learning and development.

End in Mind

At the end of the nine-week curriculum, students will be able to:
  • Recognize, name, and describe the characteristics of key emotions.
  • Explain and demonstrate the Pause Plan (Notice, Name, Think) to regulate their emotions.
  • Explain and demonstrate effective self-regulating (calm-down) strategies.



The curriculum is designed for four- and five-year-old students, and is comprised of 15-minute lessons delivered over the nine-week curriculum (45 total lessons). Each lesson follows the Empowered Learning Approach of Ignite Curiosity, Investigate, and Invite Connections.

The Empowered-Learning Approach

There are 3 “i”s of the Empowered-Learning Approach:

Ignite Curiosity

Ignite Curiosity fills 5 to 10 percent of the learning time. Here, we activate learner thinking with a curious question, a content-connected wondering, or a short story or video that invites all learners to access some prior knowledge or experience related to the learning objective. Your role is to fire up wonder.


Investigate fills 45 to 50 percent of the learning time. Here, students are released to clearly laid-out learning tasks, games, or explorations here. They are actively engaged, in most cases with others, in empowering activities where their voice and thinking propels new and deeper connections. Your role is to encourage and guide learner thinking and connections through questions.

Invite Connections

Invite Connections is designed to open the discussion and provide formative assessment opportunities where students can share their comprehension of the learning target, or “end in mind.”
The 3i Approach creates a hands-on learning experience that naturally activates complex thought processes (i.e. Bloom’s Taxonomy). The collaborative approach engages students as leaders of their own learning and dramatically reduces behavioral issues in the classroom.

 The Early Learning Curriculum is a benefit of the Leader in Me membership and is available on Leader in Me Online. 

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