Join Molly Garcia, Leader in Me Coach, as she talks with Leader in Me experts and leadership-school practitioners to unpack the doable-today strategies that nurture a dynamic and empowered learning environment.

Looking to increase your influence, decrease your stress, and empower leadership learning in the classroom and life? Then this new bi-weekly podcast series is for you!

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If you are someone who knows that embracing failure is one of the keys to success, someone who is overwhelmed by the clutter and messiness of life and leadership, OR if you are someone who knows that your beliefs can move mountains while your doubts can create them, this podcast is for you.

Change Starts Here.

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Join us for powerful and timely weekly discussions about the topics that matter most to students! With a cohort of twelve high schoolers, we ask our panelists and listeners to think deeply, engage fully, and most importantly, speak their own authentic truth.

These young leaders take on thought-provoking, real-life topics every week, and offer up tools, strategies, and hope. Let’s Talk!

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