Improved Pre-K Social and Emotional Behaviors

Author: Leader in Me
September 1, 2017

Andersen (2011) St. John's University

The Effects of Formal Leadership-Lessons on the Emergence of Positive Social-Leadership Skills of Pre-Kindergarten Students

Dr. Loreta Andersen (2011) St. John’s University

In this study, researchers and teachers independently rated two classes of preschool students from the same Leader in Me School on their social emotional abilities before and after a seven-week time period, where one class received a Leader in Me intervention that included 7 Habits leadership lessons, and the other class had no intervention until after the study was complete. Researchers found a significant difference between the groups.

• 34% overall increase in positive social-emotional behaviors
• 41% increase in interdependent social/emotional behaviors
• 33% increase in independent social/emotional behaviors

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