Research Conversations: Adaptability

Author: Leader in Me
February 8, 2024


In this episode of Change Starts Here: Research Conversations, cognitive neuroscientist Eve Miller, Ph.D, and former educators Jennifer Chevalier, Ed.D. and Kim Yaris, M.Ed. discuss adaptability. They explore the crucial role that it plays in career success and talk about innovative strategies for nurturing adaptability in students. 


Adaptability is the capacity to adjust and respond to new situations or challenges with creativity and flexibility, embracing change by learning new strategies and finding innovative solutions. It involves the ability to navigate social contexts, adapt to diverse roles and responsibilities, and effectively handle both expected and unexpected changes.

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5 Strategies to Develop Students’ Adaptability Skills 

  1. Prioritize well-being: Emphasize the importance of mental and physical health as the basis for adaptability. 
  2. Help students identify their purpose: Encourage students to recognize and pursue their passions, setting clear personal and educational goals. 
  3. Focus on mindset: Help students view change as an opportunity, encouraging flexibility and open-mindedness. 
  4. Foster connections: Promote social interactions and collaborative learning to build strong, supportive networks.
  5. Nurture the learning environment: Create spaces where students feel secure to experiment, make mistakes, and learn without fear

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