Self-Management and Leader in Me

Author: Leader in Me
April 1, 2015

Hines (2015) Dort College

Self-Management Program to Handle Social and/or Emotional Issues in the Classroom

Lisa N. Hines, Ed. M. (2015) Dort College

In this action-research study, researchers explored how goal setting—taught during the Leader in Me process—may serve as a tool to help a subset of students with particularly difficult social and emotional issues improve their grades over the course of four weeks. To explore this, weekly goal setting, tracking, and celebrations took place over a four-week period. The results revealed that all but one of the students studied met their goal or came very close to their intended targets. For example, the students studied had an average 7.2% improvement in spelling grades and a 2.1% improvement in science grades during the four-week period.

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