Self-Wellness Strategies for Trying Times with A.J. Lee

Author: Dustin Odham
November 8, 2021

Self-Wellness Strategies for Trying Times with A.J. Lee

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Dustin: What’s your advice for teachers and educators who may feel like they don’t want to leave, they’re not trying to get out, but they’re burned out there out, they’re at the end of their line, what are strategies that they can access for self-wellness to really get through this time?

AJ Lee, PhD (she/her):I think morning and evening routine are key and that’s something that’s tangible for all of us. Whatever morning means to you, depending on that timeline, and it can be super simple. So something that we kind of are able to tap into. It could be a walk around the neighborhood. Or drinking your morning beverage and making sure that you take 10 to 15 minutes to read something that pours into you before going and serving and doing.

Some people have more expansive routines depending on the time they have but keeping those things simple in the morning and then also in the evening, having some time to separate what you experienced from the day with the wind down and what’s happening next. I think I can speak for most of us where we often just grab straight for our phones as a way to decompress. To be honest, after a stressful workday we do this first because in our minds it’s mindless work and it makes us feel validated in different ways than what we experienced in the workspace.

But because of the blue light and because of our brain and the background constantly moving with that type of resource, it’s important that we disconnect from electronics for some time in the evening and just be present whatever that looks like for us. It could be listening to music we enjoy or doing a workout, making a nutrient dense dinner that really helps pour into whatever you’ve been experiencing.

All of those things help us wind down so that we can improve our sleep habits. I always like to say that your workday starts at least 24 hours before but definitely at least the evening before. So, if you’re not planning for the day ahead and mindful of what you’re doing that evening before the workday your workday is going to be affected.

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