Significant Improvement in Statewide Science Performance

Author: Leader in Me
September 1, 2017

Pascale, Ohlson, & Lee (2017) University of North Florida

The Habits of Highly Effective Schools: Analyzing the Impact of Leader in Me Schools in Florida

Dr. Amanda Pascale, Dr. Matthew Ohlson, Dr. Jason W. Lee (2017) University of North Florida

Findings from this peer-reviewed study revealed that core components of the Leader in Me process align with accepted best practices in science education.

This alignment resulted in measurable impacts. Researchers looked at five years of state science test scores for Florida Leader in Me Schools.

LiM Schools showed significant improvement in student achievement on the statewide science tests compared to their pre-LiM performance. Students showed a 6.7% improvement in their science proficiency.

• 6.7% improvement in LiM student achievement on the statewide science test compared to pre-LiM

• 92% alignment between the Best Practices for Science Classrooms Within the Next Generation Science Standards and the Leader in Me process.

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