Unwind & Recharge with Your Favorite Music

Author: Dustin Odham
November 8, 2021

Unwind & Recharge with Your Favorite Music

Read this exclusive conversation with Dan Domenech. Learn more during the podcast interview on Change Starts Here. WATCH HERE

Dustin: What do you do to recharge?

I know you work out, and you mentioned boating, but is there anything else that you do to help yourself unwind?

Dan Domenech: Lately, one of the things that I’ve discovered is, I have these air pods that I just put in my ears, and I put on Spotify, if you’re familiar with that music channel. Then I just lie down with those earbuds on and for a half hour. I’ll play Spanish guitar. I’ll play love music from the 70s. I’ll play any of those nice and mellow sounds and I just sit there. It’s a form of meditation, and I think of nothing. I’m just listening to the music and in a half hour when I’m done, I feel recharged and ready to go. It’s not meditation, but for me it’s a great form of relaxation.

Dustin: It may seem small, but make sure as you’re starting your school year that you’re taking the time to recharge and take a minute on the couch to enjoy your relaxing music or whatever it might be for you. As Dan points out in our podcast, it’s so important to take care of yourself so that you can be a champion for the children in your districts, schools, and classrooms.

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