How does FranklinCovey ensure the quality of Leader in Me?

Author: Leader in Me
August 22, 2018

FranklinCovey is committed to schools achieving quality results. The company invests significant resources into continuous improvement of its educational training, coaching, and resource materials so that schools may build and sustain strong, dynamic leadership cultures.

To achieve successful cultural transformation through the application of Leader in Me, in the initial onboarding process preparation is guided to ensure that the school is ready to fully engage in Leader in Me implementation. Qualification and pre-work is required with each school prior to implementation to ensure that the principal and staff are informed, engaged, and committed to implement the process with fidelity. During the implementation and as long as a school remains in the Leader in Me network of schools, FranklinCovey provides extensive support to maintain quality:

  • Principals and school staff are engaged in ongoing in-person and virtual coaching from FranklinCovey. Coaching aims to identify common challenges that limit high performance, allows the sharing of best practices, and aligns Leader in Me to key school and district priorities.
  • Regional training for new staff members.
  • Schools are provided access to a Web-based portal that provides additional tools for implementation, including;
    • Video resources and Illustrated Leadership stories that are age appropriate for student to use in class.
    • Student Leadership Guides to download and use with students.
    • Annual surveys at the student/staff/parent level to help the school track their progress, identify areas of further improvement and provide data so their coach can build a custom learning plan. This information also populates a dashboard tracking progress.
    • Web-based Professional Development for Staff encompassing the full impact of FranklinCovey content.
    • Lesson Plans that are aligned to the priorities of the school and class, including The First 8 Days Leadership lessons for the beginning of the school year.
    • The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Families resources.

As it relates to the quality of Leader in Me, FranklinCovey invests significant time and research on current trends and developments in the fields of education, leadership, and culture. Additionally, educators continue to offer feedback on best practices, which also provides continuous improvement and refinement of the process.

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