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As an educator, we know you’re short on time.

That’s why at Leader in Me Weekly we strive to provide ongoing best practices and easy-to-implement strategies that are bite-size and “doable tomorrow.” Our goal is a three-minute read and a three-minute watch each week that will encourage and inspire you in growing your own—and your students’—leadership skills in practical and authentic ways.



What is Leader in Me Weekly?

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Below are a few samples of the larger—and weekly being added-to–library you will have access to as a member school.

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Leader in Me Weekly
Sample Videos

Student Academics

Leader in Me Weekly
Sample Articles

Topics for the Classroom

Leader in Me Weekly provides educators with articles on topics that matter most to teachers in the classroom, with helpful tips and suggestions to create a leadership-centered culture.

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Is 7 Habits Learning a Big Rock For Your Classroom?

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3 Signs Your Leadership Roles Are Actually Jobs

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Welcome to Our Leadership Classroom

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Student Leadership

Leader in Me Weekly
Sample Classroom Resources

Leadership Classroom

These cut out statements are great reminders of best practices that can be displayed throughout the classroom in sequence to inspire students and help teachers establish a classroom culture of leadership.

EBA Wheel

This cut-out wheel tool can simply and effectively help students communicate their Emotional Bank Account (EBA) with others in profound ways.

Empathy Lesson Plan

This sample lesson plan is available as a PDF for teachers to download. In this lesson students learn how they can show empathy in action and words through a variety of exercises and discussion.


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