The end in mind of this session is to engage students in academic growth by connecting personal meaning to goal setting, tracking, reflecting, and growing.

Prerequisites: “Empower Student Academic Growth” Coaching Session

Meet with administrator(s) and Lighthouse Coordinator(s).
• Understand the Wildly Important Goal® (WIG) Chart.
• Reconnect with school academic proficiency WIG(s).
• Determine a schoolwide Leadership Notebook® system.

Meet with the Student-Led Achievement Action Team or team representative(s).
• Understand the WIG-alignment chart.
• Reconnect with school academic-proficiency WIG(s).
• Support teacher skills to help students write academic WIG(s).
• Share ideas for a grade-level Leadership Notebook system.
• Establish a schoolwide Accountability Partner system.
• Engage with reflection strategies.

Meet with grade-level/department teams.
• Guide students to recognize personal learning patterns.
• Help students understand the “why” behind their goals.
• Support students in identifying academic WIG(s) and lead measures.
• Establish a routine for tracking goals in Leadership Notebooks®.
• Engage students in reflection strategies.
• Orchestrate Accountability Partners.
• Implement growth celebrations.

Meet with all staff before or after school.
• Reconnect to the Core Paradigms.

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