A Participant can miss up to 4 hours for the entire program.


There are three live-instruction modules and one mentor coaching module in the initial training course for ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. Participants can miss a total of 4 live-instruction hours during the three modules and still meet the attendance requirements for their ICF credential application.  Note that training modules will typically consist of 17 – 21 live-instruction training hours each.

Participants who miss live-instruction, will need to make up the missed hours through special asynchronous assignments.  For example, if a participant misses three hours of live classroom teaching, the participant would need to make up for the three hours by completing one of the following:

  1. If a live call: Listening to the call via the bridgeline within one week of the class missed.
  2. If a live in-person training:Interviewing one of the cohort members for 30 minutes and writing a paper on what was learned during that interview.
  3. If a live in-person training: And a cohort member is not available to interview, then the student would complete 30 minutes of research on the topic missed and write a 1-page paper summarizing what the student learned through that research.

Each of the above “assignments” would reflect one hour of asynchronous makeup work for absenteeism.

Mentor coaching hours are completed via group and individual coaching to provide a total of 10 mentor coaching hours.  Seven of those hours are completed via group coaching and 3 hours are completed via individual coaching.  These 10 hours are included in the fees for the LiMECTP. Should a participant miss any of the seven group coaching meetings, that participant would need to make up the missed hours by paying for additional individual coaching to ensure the completion of 10 hours of mentor coaching.

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