Helping Students Develop Self-Regulated Learning Skills and Strategies

Author: Leader in Me
August 28, 2014

Platt (2014) University of Missouri

Implementing a Student-regulated Learning Tool in Reading: A Heuristic Case Study

Dr. Tracy Platt (2014) University of Missouri-Kansas City

This research study explored the role of Leader in Me Leadership Notebooks in helping students develop self-regulated learning skills and strategies. Through interviews and observations in Leader in Me classrooms, the researcher found the Leadership Notebooks, in conjunction with other Leader in Me practices, did have important impacts on student learning in a number of ways, including:

• The classroom environment helped with self-regulated learning through posted learning goals and visible tracking of those goals.
• The notebooks helped students and teachers consistently apply reading skills and strategies, set learning goals, and track their personalized goals.
• Trust between students and teachers improved as students engaged in goal setting, tracking, and learning.
• Teachers actively used Leadership Notebooks and time-management skills in their daily routine, resulting in valuable modeling and learning for their students.

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