Impact of Leader in Me on Student Behavior in Pre-School and Elementary

Author: Dr. Eve Miller
June 12, 2018

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Leader in Me student behavior

The impact of the Leader in Me on student behavior is a positive one according to multiple university studies from the last five (5) years. Below are snippets from research studies conducted by universities across the United States determining the impact of Leader in Me on student behavior.


Leader in Me Positively Impacts Student Behavior

Dr. Humphries, Dr. Cobia, & Dr. Ennis

– Samford University (2015)

Perceptions of the Leader in Me Process in Regard to Student Discipline


“Integrating The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® schoolwide increases the likelihood of reduced student discipline in schools.”



Dr. S. Schilling – University of Michigan (2018)

A Quasi-Experimental Study of the Effect of the Leader in Me School Intervention on Discipline Incidents in Florida Schools


22.84% improvement in student behavior was found in a statewide analysis of Florida Leader in Me Schools compared to matched controls.



Dr. B. Bryant – Capella University (2017)

The experiences of educators applying the Leader in Me initiative to their classrooms


“[Teachers] indicated that with the utilization of the Leader in Me initiative, they have more time to plan and create learning experiences for their students versus dealing with disciplinary issues.”



Dr. M. White – University of Michigan (2018)

A Quasi-Experimental Study of the Effect of the Leader in Me on Attendance and Discipline in Missouri Schools


42% fewer discipline incidences than expected in a statewide sample of Leader In Me schools based on their pre-LiM trajectory.



Dr. C. Tidd – Walden University (2016)

Staff Perceptions of the Effect of the Leader in Me on Student Motivation and Peer Relationships in Elementary School



“Administrators at all three schools reported incidences of being called out

to handle disputes between students only to arrive upon the scene to find students problem-solving and working through the issue themselves using habit language.”



Dr. C. Ishola – Benedictine University (2016)

Key Life Lessons: Learning to Lead Self and Others in Primary School




31% overall decrease in elementary behavior incidents within a year of teaching the LiM program, continued to decrease the following two years of the study.



88% overall decrease in junior high behavior incidents once filled with students who had experienced LiM in elementary school.



Dr. Evans – Virginia Commonwealth University (2014)

Making leaders: Examining how elementary school students develop an understanding of leadership and show emerging leadership tendencies



“The emphasis on making better choices may have caused less bullying.”



Dr. K. Cummins – University of Louisiana at Lafayette (2015)

A Mixed Methods Study on the Leader in Me Process: How Does Fostering Student Leadership Capacity Influence Behavior, Efficacy, and Achievement?



23% overall decrease in disciplinary issues over the first five years implementing LiM.

For more information on the impact of Leader in Me, please visit: What is the Impact?

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