Positive Link between Leader in Me Implementation and Performance on State Standardized Tests

Author: Leader in Me
March 1, 2015

Wilkens & Wilmore (2015) Texas A&M University

Does Implementing an Emotional Intelligence Program Guarantee Student Achievement?

Dr. Coral Wilkens & Dr. Elaine Wilmore (2015) Texas A&M University

In this peer-reviewed study, performance on state math and ELA tests were compared for fifth-grade students in different implementation levels of LiM (i.e., LiM, Lighthouse LiM, and non-LiM). Lighthouse-LiM Schools had significantly better performance on math and ELA tests than LiM and non-LiM Schools.

• (p=.006) LiM Lighthouse School’s ELA achievement scores significantly higher
• (p=.013) LiM Lighthouse School’s Math achievement scores significantly higher

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