Research Conversations: Teaching Academics Is Not Enough

Author: Leader in Me
April 4, 2024


In this episode of Change Starts Here: Research Conversations, cognitive neuroscientist Eve Miller, Ph.D, and former educators Jennifer Chevalier, Ed.D. and Kim Yaris, M.Ed. discuss how a holistic approach to academics might be a more effective path to getting the academic results schools desire. .


Leader in Me’s Student Leadership Portrait™ (SLP) is rooted in the principles of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit and guides students towards achieving personal goals and mastering key leadership competencies. 

Try This!

During an end-of-year meeting or planning meeting for next year, consider this question: How would our educational landscape change if we streamlined academic standards to focus only on the most essential, thereby creating room for students to cultivate the skills necessary for success both in school and in life? What would this look like? What would we focus on? 

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The Evidence Base for How We Learn

In this article, a broad alliance of leading scientists and scholars speaks about the urgency of integrating social and academic dimensions of learning to improve student outcomes.

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