Strategies and Benefits of Creating a Positive School Culture

Author: Carissa Logan
August 20, 2015

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Creating a positive school culture starts before the first day of school and continues throughout the school year. A school’s culture impacts and is impacted by the administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents in a school community.

This list of blog posts includes strategies and insights about how each stakeholder group is involved in and benefit from creating a positive school culture.


Are You Sending the Right Message? by Jennifer Williams

Blind Spots to Developing a School Culture of Leadership by Connley Skeen

Empower Teachers Who Empower Students by Amy Harrison

Teachers and Staff

How Noncertified Staff Members Impact a School’s Leadership Culture by Jill Scheulen

Believe Your Students Can, and They Will! by Shelly Hollis

How to Help Students by Being a Leading Learner by Judy Yauch


Improve Your School Culture By Giving Students a Voice by Jennifer Williams

Clareese Capringo—A Problem-Solving Leader


Increasing Parent Involvement Starts With You by Michael Webb

Taking Student Leadership Home by Jill Scheulen

Four Ideas for Improving Parent and Community Involvement in Schools by Dana Penick

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