How does Leader in Me work?

Author: Leader in Me
August 22, 2018

Leader in Me is implemented as follows:

  • Every school is unique. The Leader in Me process aims to support schools in identifying celebrations and areas of growth in Leadership, Culture, and Academics. Coaches partner with schools to set targeted results and develop action plans to work toward goals.
  • School staff engage with Leader in Me learning through workshops and coaching, then incorporate highly effective practices in their roles and school communities.
  • Educators, students and families partner to implement Leader in Me’s Highly Effective practices including:
    • Build adult capacity for modeling interpersonal skills and leadership competencies through the 7 Habits.
    • Establish a culture of trust, belonging and psychological safety through authentic relationship building and systems for student voice.
    • Create a physical environment that communicates the worth and potential of all community members.
    • Teach students how to set, track, and achieve goals in a Leadership Notebook.
    • Hold Student-Led Conferences, where students take ownership for learning and lead the conference.
    • Invite participation in classroom and school leadership roles, including during student-led Leadership Events.
    • Engage students in their communities through service learning opportunities.
  • School staff, students, and parents utilize a number of resources (lesson plans, videos, student activity guides, Teacher Editions, posters, books, and Leader in Me Online) to help them implement and reinforce the process with regular coaching touchpoints.
  • Key elements of the leadership model are implemented into the school in consultation with the Leader in Me coach, including:
    • Families engage in the process throughout their child’s academic journey, including through caregiver workshops and student-led activities.
    • Continued development of leadership, culture, and academics through sustained implementation and academic achievement coaching.

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