Narrow your school improvement plan to what is wildly important.

Develop the mindset, knowledge, skills, and tools needed to close the proficiency gap at the school level. We will help you establish an Academic Action Team to:

  • Apply the 4 Disciplines of Execution® goal- achieving system to your proficiency gap.
  • Determine the systems and structures needed to install 4DX with fidelity.
  • Create a robust “roll out” action plan.

Workshop Details

Learning Targets

  • Identify key Paradigm Shifts necessary to increase empowerment in the classroom culture.
  • Modify classroom routines and practices to increase empowerment in the classroom culture.
  • Increase and deepen trusting relationships in the classrooms by practicing and modeling Trust Behaviors.
  • Plan learning experiences that shift the ownership of learning more to students, using the Empowered-Learning Approach.

Customize Your Impact Journey Experience

  • Modality:
  • Live Onsite
  • Live Online
  • On Demand


Academic Action Team, Coordinator, and Principal  

Alignment to Leader in Me Framework

Empowering Instruction

Recommended Prerequisites:

Completion of Leader in Me Core workshops 1, 2, and 3, and implementation of a schoolwide goal with supporting team goals.

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