Learning and Implementation Cycle

Coaches use the powerful principles of 4DX to introduce new concepts and ensure behavior changes naturally occur.

A great plan achieves great results when individuals have the knowledge and skills to bring it to life. Coaches connect with teachers, staff, and administrators as they help develop deeper understanding about Leader in Me principles, equip them with the tools to put the learning into practice, and allow everyone time to celebrate results in a cycle of continuous learning and improvement.

Which Targeted Coaching Session is Right for You?

Give your staff the opportunity to go deeper into existing content, experience new learning, or build a unique custom experience. These sessions are flexible — you choose the content and the number of days.

Coaching for Academic Success

Achieve Measurable Results

Establish the foundational structures necessary to get a school’s desired results from the Leader in Me.

Teaching leadership behaviors

Leverage Goals to Achieve Growth

Equip teachers to set class growth Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) and Lead Measures and be able to scoreboard, analyze, and celebrate growth.

educational leadership

Align Leader in Me with Other School Priorities

Learn how Leader in Me can be the “operating system” that connects current initiatives and mandates in your school.

Staff Using Leader In Me

Discover the Power of the Core Paradigms

Equip teachers to help students see themselves as leaders and appreciate differences through the power of the Core Paradigms.

Thought Leadership

Use The First 8 Days to Establish Leadership Classrooms

Help prepare teachers to create or refine collaborative, trusting classroom cultures that last all year long.

Administrators Implementing Leader in Me

Check Your School's Lighthouse Review Readiness

Provide a deep understanding of the Lighthouse Review Day process, identify key areas of continued preparation using the Lighthouse Rubric, and develop action plans geared toward a successful Lighthouse Review Day outcome.

elementary teacher training

Power-Up Your PLT's With Collaborative Planning and Reflection

Empower Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to continually improve by engaging with the Learning Cycle and aligning to the principles of collaboration and reflection.

coaching school staff

Cultivate Leadership in Your Lighthouse Team

Leverage the benefits of FranklinCovey’s The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership®. and Leading at the Speed of Trust® content to build the leadership potential of the Lighthouse Team.

Holistic education The Leader in Me

Close Your Class Proficiency Gap

Help teachers apply 4DX within their profession to help achieve class proficiency Wildly Important Goals (WIGs).

Coaching Elementary Teachers

Grow Leadership in Others Through Coaching

Move from solving problems by telling others what to do, to developing leadership in others using FranklinCovey’s The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership®.

Student Exhibiting Leadership Behaviors

Cultivate Student Ownership of Goals

Engage students in academic growth by connecting personal meaning to goal setting, tracking, reflecting, and growing.

Career readiness education

Build a High Trust Team

Develop the skills needed to build a high trust team using FranklinCovey’s Leading at the Speed of Trust® content includes the 13 Behaviors of High Trust.

Middle School Teacher Showing Leadership

Build Trust with Students

Help teachers develop the skills needed to build a high trust classroom using FranklinCovey’s Leading at the Speed of Trust® content includes the 13 Behaviors of High Trust.


Explore the inspiring research on resilience to gain a deeper understanding of how small changes in classroom practices can help all students overcome challenges and succeed in school and in life, especially those coping with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

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