7 Habits Related to Student’s Whole-Person Wellness

Author: Leader in Me
October 27, 2014

Ferland, Chu, Gleddie, Storey & Veugelers (2014) University of Alberta

Leadership skills are associated with health behaviors among Canadian children

Dr. Adam Ferland, Dr. Yen Li Chu, Dr. Douglass Gleddie, Dr. Kate Storey, Dr. Paul Veugelers (2014) University of Alberta

This research, published in the journal Health Promotion International, found a strong relationship between students’ reported use of the 7 Habits and their health behaviors. This research was conducted in LiM and non-LiM Schools to broadly explore the relationship between leadership and whole person wellness. Students who reported higher levels of personal leadership were significantly more likely to participate in healthier eating and exercise behaviors.

• (p=.01) Significant relationship self-leadership and better diet quality
• (p=.01) Significant relationship self-leadership and more physical activity

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