International Student Speech Contest Finalists

Author: Carissa Logan
May 12, 2017

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2017 Finalists

With nearly 300 speeches submitted by students throughout the world, including the U.S., Canada, Panama, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Guatemala, it was very difficult to choose just eight students (one from each age group and category) in the Leader in Me International Student Speech contest as the Grand Prize winners. The finalists for the contest are listed below. We are so pleased to announce them here and to feature their hard work on our YouTube channel.


05 to 07 – Creative

Farshad A.                                          One Idea That Could Change the World-Let’s Put Our Garbage in                                                                   the Bin

Rafa A.                                                  Why Everybody Can Be a Leader

Kalia B.                                                 Stand Up to Bullying

Alana C.                                                Learning Leadership

Amiranti H.                                         Why Everybody Can Be a Leader

Jennifer J.                                           We Are Leaders

Fathia S.                                               Solving Problems With the 7 Habits

Sara H.                                                  What the 7 Habits Have Done for Me


05 to 07 – Traditional

Madeleine M.                                   Gandhi

Ellie S.                                                Stick With Love

Ava W.                                                How to Go Above and Beyond as a Leader


08 to 10 – Creative

Rozan Nabil A.                                   Everybody Can Be a Leader

Alice and Anderson                          Gator Handlers Synergize

Sofia de Los S.                                   Everyone Can Be a Leader

Alexandar D. and Briery S.             How We Became Leaders

Bethany H.                                          Synergizing

Addison H.                                          Be a Leader

Anika J.                                                America’s Got Leadership

Brandon K.                                          The Leader in Me

Jerrell L.                                              What Is Leadership?

Angelina N.                                         Putting First Things First

Narendra R.                                        Everyone Can Be a Leader

Alexa S.                                                The Leader of the Month

Christopher S.                                     Leaders Using the 7 Habits

Sadie T.                                                The 7 Habits Can Change the World


08 to 10 – Traditional

Haneen A.                                           Following the 8 Habits

Rowa A.                                               Being Proactive

Mayuri B.                                             Are Great Leaders Born or Molded?

Kelly C.                                                 Bringing the 8 Habits to Middle School

Stella C.                                                How to Change the World

Joseph L.                                             Be a Leader Today

Divyakaarshini M.                            Everyday Leader

Payton N.                                            Leader in Me Books

Jayliana R.                                          How My Life Turned Me Into a Leader

Cristal R.                                             Qualities of a Leader

Layla S.                                                Stick With Love—The Work Continues

Stanley S.                                            Keeping Diabetes Away From Our Life

Mattie B.                                             Feeding by Leading


11 to 14 – Creative

Khaira Athaya                                    The Imperfect Leadership

Abby A.                                                 Don’t Pretend-Listen

Charlie E.                                             Find the Leader in You

Ayesha Z.                                            Synergizing Will Make a Better World

Salwa F.                                               Why Everybody Can Be a Leader—Sharpen Your Potential

Natalie F.                                             Ms. Donna Kay Is a Leader

Sophia F.                                              Sophia Fulkerson’s Leader in Me Speech

Phuong, Gia, Trinh, Minh                Boss vs. Leader

Rachel H.                                             Helping Kids in Need

Almira Kamilah                                  The Problem in the World That I Want to Solve

Rachel K.                                              How My Friend Angelica’s Leadership Has Impacted My Life.

Akeno K.                                              Finding the Leader in Me

Liwe L.                                                  How Can You Be a Leader?

Christian Dave L.                               What Is a Leader?

Tyrianah M.                                        Why the 7 Habits Are Wonderful

Malik M.                                              Save the Earth

Nadine M.                                           Ms. Donna Kay Is a Leader

Hansini N.                                            Essence of Leadership

Zikra N.                                                 Leadership

Trung N.                                               How Technology Affects Our World Today

Haley N.                                               Speech LEADs the Way

Kacie O.                                                How to Make a Leader

Duong and Anh                                 Leadership Talk Show

Taylor P.                                               How Can You Be a Leader?

Gaea P.                                                What Leadership Means to Me

Ananda P.                                           Why Is Everybody a Leader?

Kyla R.                                                   Leadership in Disguise

Alexis S.                                               How the 7 Habits Will Help You in Life

Kean S.                                                 What a Leader Is and How to Become One

Sri and Saravanan                            Doing Our Part

Gurjeet S.                                           What Do I Stand For?

Satvir S.                                               Leadership Qualities

Emma T.                                              Spread the Leadership FEVER

Luke T.                                                 What Does Leadership Mean to Me?

Nhi, Anh, Lan, and Linh                  Creativity

Emma, Bryce, Adrianna, and Brooke       What Is a Leader?

Akeno K.                                              Finding the Leader in Me


11 to 14 – Traditional

Bryce B.                                                The Influence of a Leader

Alejandra B.                                       The Leaders That Inspire Me

Moises G.                                            Leaders That Inspire Me

Zain K.                                                 I Want to Slow Down Global Warming

Cassandra K.                                      Finding Your Voice and Beginning With the End in Mind

Shea M.                                               What Is Leadership?

Divya N.                                               Leaders Make a Difference

Tam N.                                                  Leadership

Caroline N.                                          Leadership Is Me

Zajei P.                                                 How I Can Lead Those Around Me

Calyx P.                                                Leadership Insights

Madison R.                                         What Is Leadership?

Shental R.                                            What Does It Take to Be a Leader

Karsyn  R.                                            How I Can Lead Others

Tharra S.                                              What Leadership Is to Me

Adeline S.                                            Recycling Is BIG

Tial S.                                                     Everyone Is a Leader

Emma W.                                             What Being a Leader Means


15 to 18 – Creative

Stephanie C.                                      True Leader

Alissa del V.                                        The Underrepresentation of the Woman

Carlos Daniel F.                                 How Can You Change the World?

Sara G.                                                  What Leadership Means to Me

Simran G.                                            Women Leaders

Vanessa M.                                        Making a Difference

Vivian Q.                                              What Leadership Means to Me

Yuqi Y.                                                   The Principles to Achieve the 7 Habits

Arawinda K.                                        Feet Don’t Move Like the Leader’s Do


15 to 18 – Traditional

Gabriela G.                                         What Leadership Means to Me

Marisol L.                                           One Idea That Could Change the World

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