Key Disciplines and Habits for Success with Michael B. Horn

Author: Dustin Odham
September 29, 2021

Key Disciplines and Habits for Success with Michael B. Horn

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Dustin Odham: What are some habits or disciplines that really give you energy and that you think are key to your success and your development?

Michael Horn: I think a lot about this because I listened to a lot of Tim Ferriss and self-improvement podcasts. I love Ferris, I love Ben Bergeron and his book, Chasing Excellence. I really do like discipline and habits. I wake up and I do my certain set of stretches. I’ve modified a few things because of kids and stuff like that, but I’m not whole unless I get to start my day with a certain set of things out of the gate. I want to hit my fitness right, I want to make sure I read each day, and those are things that I’ve built over time. And you know we changed it around COVID and whatever else and it’s not quite where I’d wanted at the moment.

Then, I make sure I have a sunset period. I’m trying to get eight hours of sleep a night, those sorts of things are things that I’ve tried to build a holistic lifestyle, a lifestyle where I’m constantly learning. I’m trying to be healthy and I think it then pours into my work and gives me more energy to do good work. So that’s how I think about it. I love Ben Bergeron saying, “live, love, learn, and leave a legacy”. That I think is a pretty good motto. You’re living your life, you’re loving the people around you, family is extremely important to me, and you’re learning every day. And you’re doing it in a way where you’re trying to have impact, so that you weren’t just sort of a passenger on this earth


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