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Author: Leader in Me
December 1, 2016

Bryant, N. (2016) Capella University

Administrators and principals and the implementation process of the leader in me initiative

Dr. Naarah Bryant (2016) Capella University

In this study, in-depth interviews with eight Leader in Me principals were conducted to explore the behaviors, strategies, and processes they found most helpful in implementing and sustaining Leader in Me. Analysis of those interviews revealed key components of the process that were particularly effective:

Professional development. Leader in Me unified the whole staff through trainings, as well as provided an opportunity for teachers to collaborate and work together to reach a common goal.

Common language. The principals indicated that Leader in Me provided a common language all students, families, faculty, and staff members could understand and utilize. The common language was seen as an essential component in helping students and staff clearly understand what was expected of them.

Whole-school transformation. By creating an environment where everyone worked toward common goals, Leader in Me had helped create a more collaborative culture for the staff with clearer and consistent expectations for students throughout the school environment. Utilizing the whole-school transformation approach also meant that sustaining the process was easier from year to year, because its tenets were the expectations throughout the school.

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