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With student-facing slides featuring a range of activities, videos, and formative assessments, the new Leader in Me Curriculum is designed to tap into every learner’s unique genius.

Expect easy, online access to content, including teacher notes, slide previews, and progress tracking to ensure minimal teacher preparation time.

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Empower students to lead themselves and others, and to more fully contribute to your school’s leadership culture

This thirty-five-week learning journey is anchored in the competencies of the Student Leadership Portrait, such as achieving goals, effective communication, and relationship building. Students will access their unique genius, background, and experiences as they learn to lead themselves and others—and ultimately become more college-, career-, community-, and life-ready.

Instructional Design

The curriculum facilitates dynamic learning experiences that release ownership of the learning tasks to the students, with minimal teacher preparation time.

  • Student-facing slides with embedded videos and engaging images to project for every age group
  • Digital Teacher Notes, including lesson plans with slide previews, timing, notes, and the ability to download, link, or print. Print Editions of Teacher Notes are available in multiple languages.
  • Optional Curriculum Companions to supplement student learning
  • Digital teacher notes with lesson time stamps and built-in previews of corresponding slides from the digital curriculum, with print editions available.

In Every Module

Learners excel when there is synergy between home and school. Each week family/caregiver connections are sent home that invite participation in the learning and to continue to reinforce leadership principles at home.

Every weekly module contains professional learning resources for educators to deepen the application of the learning in their lives and provide tips on how to be more intentional about modeling the learning with students.

The real power of learning happens when we organically apply it to other learning opportunities throughout the school day. Every module contains examples of how the learning can be integrated into other content areas.

A strong understanding of content vocabulary gives learners the chance to express themselves more effectively and build a common language in leadership classrooms that leads to internalization of leadership competencies.

The Empowered-Learning Approach

Discover learning experiences designed to be delivered in fifteen-minute segments.

Each 15-minute lesson is designed with an understanding of how we acquire knowledge and provides students with the opportunity to practice new learning. There are three “i”s of the Empowered-Learning Approach:


IGNITE CURIOSITY activates learner thinking with a curious question, a content-connected wondering, a short story, or a video that invites all learners to access some prior knowledge or experience related to the learning objective.


INVESTIGATE releases students to clearly laid-out learning tasks, games, or explorations. They are actively engaged in empowering activities where their voice and thinking propels new and deeper connections.


INVITE CONNECTIONS is designed to open the discussion and provide formative assessment opportunities where students can share their comprehension of the learning target, or “end in mind.”

Student Leadership Portrait

The Student Leadership Portrait (SLP) is a model founded on education best practices, international standards, and world class FranklinCovey content, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

This curriculum aligns with the SLP to help students develop transferable abilities relevant for life.

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Engaging at Every Level

Grades PK–2

Artwork and illustrations featuring the well-known characters from The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. The youngest students learn the foundations of leadership.

Grades 3–5

Featuring newly illustrated characters that are fun and relatable for the students. Upper elementary students expand their ability to lead self and lead others.

Grades 6–8

Embelished photography that beautifully captures the realities facing middle school students. Students apply leadership concepts to the authentic challenges of the middle school years.

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