The end in mind of this session is to help prepare teachers to create or refine collaborative, trusting classroom cultures that last all year long.

Prerequisites: None

Meet with administrator(s) and Lighthouse Coordinator(s).
• Understand the intent behind The First 8 Days.
• Leverage the content to create leadership classrooms schoolwide.
• Strategize to make informed decisions about use of the content.

Meet with the Student-Learning Action Team or team representative(s).
• Understand the intent behind The First 8 Days content.
• Learn how to access The First 8 Days.
• Develop a timeline for schoolwide implementation.
• Empower staff to teach the content, beginning in the fall.

Meet with grade-level/department teams.
• Envision a leadership classroom.
• Learn how to access The First 8 Days.
• Maximize lessons to cultivate a leadership classroom.
• Generate a plan for delivery of lessons.

Meet with all staff before or after school.
• Reconnect to the Core Paradigms.

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