College, Career, and Life Readiness

Create a culture led by high school students who can find their voice and develop critical skills to successfully navigate college, career, and life.

Many high school students quickly discover their independence, ambitions, opinions, and beliefs about oneself and the world we live in. However, some students struggle to feel a sense of belonging, purpose, and direction in their life. Leader in Me Schools create an inclusive culture led by students who are encouraged to find their voice and develop critical skills through a series of leadership courses that will help them successfully navigate college, career, and life.

Student Development

High School

High School



Prepare Students for a Successful Career

Inspire students with leadership principles from FranklinCovey’s best-selling books, and award-winning content.

FranklinCovey is the world leader in helping organizations from all industries achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior, often the most difficult challenge any organization faces. We provide award-winning content, tools, methodology, training, and thought leadership, all based on a foundation of unshakeable principles and proven practices.

Career Readiness

Student-Led Culture Transformation

What will happen to school culture once every student feels a sense of belonging and purpose?

More than just another program, Leader in Me serves as the foundational operating system that integrates seamlessly into each school’s unique priorities, initiatives, and culture. When implemented with excellence, Leader in Me redefines what it means to be a high performing school in the 21st century. This new definition of school greatness is represented in three overlapping circles: leadership, culture, and academics.

What is Leader in Me? Topics of Impact

Student Development

Students find their voice in the classroom and through school leadership roles by learning and applying life-ready leadership skills.

Leader in Me High School students take lead in creating a safe, accepting, and uplifting school culture. This culture transformation starts by encouraging staff to release control and empower students to be leaders. Leader in Me provides a vital role for high schools with leadership courses that not only prepare students for college and a career, but principle-centered skills to be successful in life.
Student Development

The students are team players now. They’re not angry anymore. They’re not dealing with depression. You can feel it. Kids are laughing. They are greeting you. They’re not sneering and making fun of other people. It’s truly like a family environment. That’s the culture of a Leader in Me High School.

– Evett Barham, Teacher at Pryor High School

Staff Development

Both administrators and staff participate in training workshops for personal improvement and professional learning opportunities.

Teachers at Leader in Me High Schools begin to rekindle their passion when they see students taking ownership of their future or witness students take a stand in advising ways to improve the school. By attending 7 Habits training and other workshops, staff experience principle-centered professional development that impacts all areas of their life with new paradigms, behaviors, and results.
Staff Development

Family Development

Training workshops and other resources are available to help parents or guardians develop life-ready leadership skills at home.

Parents who attend the 7 Habits of Successful Families® workshop, discover shared timeless principles that can be taught both at home and at school to prepare teens for success. Many of the most important skills to help students prepare for college and a career, are found in the Leader in Me framework.

Family Development

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Schools begin Leader in Me implementation with the annual membership license and installation process that provides training, coaching, and access to online resources.

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