The end in mind of this session is to set class, grade/department, and school growth Wildly Important Goals® (WIGs) and Lead Measures and be able to scoreboard, analyze, and celebrate growth.


Prerequisites: Aligning Academics or equivalent training

Meet with administrator(s) and Lighthouse Coordinator(s).
• Understand the WIG-Alignment Chart.
• Refine school academic WIG(s) as needed.
• Access any additional data required.

Meet with grade-level/department teams.
• Establish the “why” behind the class Wildly Important Goal(s) (WIG).
• Set class academic-growth WIG(s).
• Synergize around public-facing class scoreboards.
• Determine routines for gathering class data.
• Schedule time for data reviews.
• Embrace classroom celebrations.

Meet with the Schoolwide-Goal Achievement Action Team or team representative(s).
• Set grade-level/school academic-growth WIG(s).
• Synergize around grade-level/department private-facing scoreboards.
• Determine routines for gathering grade-level data.
• Schedule time for data reviews.
• Embrace grade-level/department celebrations.

Meet with all staff before or after school.
• Reconnect to the Core Paradigms.

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