Getting Results with Student-Led Learning

Learn how Mattoon has used the highly effective practices and paradigms to drive achievement, excitement, and student-led learning for students at every age. Their focus on making learning a joyful experience and leadership a contribution each of us can make is driving results throughout their classrooms and community.



“On a leadership day school visit, our team was struck by the power of six- and seven-year old children who were clearly leading their own learning. They were clear on their end in mind, knew their strengths and next steps for growth, and demonstrated great ownership in their school. Those students – and the culture of their classrooms – were our inspiration for beginning a Leader in Me journey across our district and community. Four years later, the language of the habits and the principles and paradigms they represent are making a huge impact in our students, from age 3 through 18, as well as their families. We are so grateful for the impact those young leaders and their school is still having on our community today!”

-Dr. Christy Hild: Assistant Superintendent, Student Services

Leaders Innovating For Tomorrow

Learn how Mattoon Community Unit School District 2 is partnering with businesses and leaders in their community to create the LIFT center (Leaders Innovating for Tomorrow). Preparing students with the leadership opportunities and life skills they need to achieve their career and life goals.
This innovative collaboration brings together business, community, and education leaders to support students as they transition out of high school and into the workforce on a path that excites them and deepens their connection to their community.

Listen to Mattoon Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Dr. Christy Hild on the Change Starts Here podcast.

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