The Impact Journey workshops consist of:

1. A workshop for the Impact Journey’s target audience

2. Impact Journey Coaching


Impact Journey Workshops equip your target audience with new learning about the Impact Journey content area. Some impact journey workshops are for full staff, others are for the Lighthouse and Action teams, and some have components that involve parent and community members.

Impact Journey Coaching helps your school implement the content from the workshops, deepens the new learning, and advances progress on achieving your targeted results.

Impact Journey Coaching

Just like Core Coaching, Leader in Me Impact Journey Coaching is available in four bundles, with increasing impact at each level.

Basic – 1 day of coaching

Standard – 2 days of coaching

Advanced – 3 days of coaching

Custom – 4+ days of coaching

These coaching sessions occur after the Impact Journey workshop. In them, your Coach will help deepen the understanding of the Impact Journey content, successfully implement this new learning, and continue to progress towards achieving your targeted results from the Impact Journey and for the year.

Impact Journey Workshops

Impact Journeys consist of workshops, materials, and coaching bundled to help you become excellent in an area of choice. Each journey helps you achieve specific, measurable results addressing key challenges beyond the Leader in Me Core.

Membership + Impact Journeys

When your school purchases an impact journey, the online course associated with that live workshop will be added to your Leader in Me Online account for as long as you maintain their annual membership. This new benefit adds amazing value to a lower-cost Annual Membership, and means that your staff can revisit their training as-needed, and new staff or team members can catch up on the content they missed.


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