Schools are becoming increasingly aware of the impact unconscious bias can have on student outcomes, but to act effectively on this new knowledge, for teachers and administrators to recognize their own biases and for schools to correct and overcome inequitable practices, they need the right kind of support. Join us for a two part event, where we share ideas for navigating these challenging topics.

Join Coach Catherine Digioia for this series! In part 1 of this 2 part series she will share learning from FranklinCovey’s Unconscious Bias content.  While bias is a natural part of the human condition, it affects how we make decisions, engage with others, and respond to various situations and circumstances, often limiting potential. This session will provide introductory strategies to:

•  Identify and adjust for bias

•  Cultivate meaningful connections

•  Choose courage in order to make real change

In part 2 of the 2 part series we will explore the Leader in Me Equity in Education content and Coach Digioia will introduce educators to the following topics:

  • Focus on the Circle of Influence® to increase equity in their school
  • Increase self-awareness about how respective life experiences impact interactions with students
  • Communicate high expectations to all students

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