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Leadership Day is a special opportunity to open doors (virtually this year!) to the community and share great things happening at Union County. Attend this Leadership Day to be immersed in Union County’s leadership culture with presentations from students, guest speakers, and an open Q&A for students, teachers, and parents.

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Sun Valley Middle

Demographic Information:
Year started LiM: 2019
School Enrollment: 1,100
Staff Size: 38 core instruction teachers and 15 elective teachers
% ESL Students: 7

We have a dual immersion Spanish program where our students who have been in the program since kindergarten can earn high school credit. This is our second year as a Leader in Me School. All the elementary schools that feed us are Leader in Me schools (2 of them are Lighthouse Schools) so most our students come with a strong foundation in the habits which allows us to focus on living the habits in our everyday lives. Our school is hybrid this year. We have a third of our students who are all virtual, a third who are face to face on Monday/Tuesday and a third that are face to face on Wednesday/Thursday. Friday is all remote for all students. Our students and staff have thrived during the pandemic due to our focus on the habits.

Parkwood Middle

Demographic Information:
Year started LiM: 2020
School Enrollment: 809
Staff Size: 23 Core Teachers 12 Elective Teachers, 4 Administrators, 5 EC Educators, 4 Office Staff, 1 SRO, and 15 Support Staff
% of Free and Reduced School Lunch: 39

Parkwood’s strength has always been our ability to form positive relationships among students and staff. Our team mentality has allowed us to launch a successful start to The Leader in Me during a challenging year.

Franklin Covey Education