Virtual Learning Environment

One of the most powerful tools in any school administrator’s toolbox is a flexible, evidence-based, comprehensive Social Emotional Learning process.  In times of uncertainty and adaptation, it is critical that both students and staff develop and rely on their skillsets around change management, resilience, and teamwork.

As experts in virtual training, Leader in Me coaches do more than deliver workshops – they are instructional mentors in all of the delivery modalities we offer. Coming off a period of rapid innovation and optimization, we are committed to being effective partners for our clients in whichever delivery modality they prefer.

Delivery Options

We recognize that this is an unprecedented time for educators across the world. We can help.

Every workshop and offering in the Leader in Me model is centered on the principle that in order to build capacity in students, you must begin by building the capacities of the adults. We call this the Inside-Out Model. For schools and districts who are struggling to respond to challenges that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic, the data is clear that in order to effectively support student learning, resilience, and mental wellness, educators must also be supported in their own learning, resilience, and mental wellness.

While this is critically important, we recognize that professional development in the midst of a pandemic can be a logistical challenge. FranklinCovey is an expert in delivering world-class training and PD across a variety of modalities, and our virtual workshops and learning environments have been built using our decades of research and experience in this area. We deliver all of our offerings across a wide spectrum of modalities – including blended or hybrid and synchronous or asynchronous – without sacrificing any of the quality, content, or impact.


Friendly Consulting Over Table

Onsite Implementation

This delivery option is a live, full-day training (6 hours of instructional time) carried out in-person, with participants in the room together. As an organization, FranklinCovey has decades of experience in facilitating best-in-class onsite learning experiences. We utilize compelling content, award-winning videos, engaging activities, and interactive communication to help each participant create meaning and relevance around the content for themselves.

On Demand Implementation

Schools and districts can now implement Leader in Me using On Demand Learning Modules in place of live staff development workshops. Educators complete the learning modules online, the school’s Adult Learning Coordinator leads group discussions to deepen that learning, and the Leader in Me coach will guide each school to establish systems for successful implementation.

Our coaches can accommodate a blended or hybrid approach, as circumstances may change throughout the year. District membership can also include a Certification and Delivery option, if desired.

Live Online Implementation

In this delivery option, our coaches and consultants utilize engaging instructional design to provide clients with a best-in-class online training experience. which can also serve as an instructional model for teachers working in a virtual learning environment. We have over 10 years of Live Online delivery experience and have taught hundreds of thousands of participants. Our instructional designers and coaches have created a virtual training environment that is entirely equivalent to our Onsite training.



Ongoing Support


Leader in Me educators have access to a vast library of instructional and classroom resources, with new content being released weekly.  These resources help educators deepen their own understanding, and bring the skills and concepts they learn in the workshops to life in their classrooms – whether they are in-person, virtual, or a combination of both.

Highlighted below are some of our offerings that may be particularly useful for administrators looking to support their staff and students in the areas of learning, resilience, change management, and leadership.


Leader in Me  Weekly & Leader in Me Online Resources

Leader in Me Weekly

This weekly series supports ongoing best practices and easy-to-implement strategies that are bite-size and “doable tomorrow.” The goal is a three-minute read and a three-minute watch each week that will encourage and inspire educators in growing leadership skills (for themselves and their students) in practical and authentic ways.


Virtual Implementation Playbook

In response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Leader in Me Weekly has developed a Virtual Implementation Playbook. It includes pacing guides, curated Leader in Me Online resources for the virtual leadership classroom, and sub-collections of resources for educators, classrooms, and whole schools.


LiM Weekly Special Editions

Principals and Lighthouse Coordinators are important leaders within their school communities. New this year are the Leader in Me Weekly Special Editions, with resources and content created specifically to help principals and Lighthouse coordinators grow and develop. These resources include new learning and connections to other school leaders implementing Leader in Me.

Leader in Me Online

Leader in Me Online gives teachers and administrators access over 4,000 resources including lesson plans, videos, classroom materials, boosters, digital Leadership Guides, On Demand professional development courses, and the Leader in Me Weekly archives. These resources are curated into collections according to age group, user, challenge or topic area, and more.



Emerging Stronger Workshop

Our Emerging Stronger workshop validates participants’ recent experiences with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and inspires them to exercise their power to choose – and thrive – despite the uncertainties of the new school year. A critical piece of the workshop curriculum, the Change Model provides a schema to make sense of the pandemic and its effects. Key components of the 7 Habits provide the validation for prioritizing wellness, as well as the tools to choose to do so. Teaching hope through goal-setting, planning, and agency empowers participants to extend their learning to students. 
Like all our workshops, Emerging Stronger is available Live Onsite or Live Online, and it does not require a Leader in Me membership to purchase.



During targeted coaching, your coach will connect you to the Leader in Me Online resources that can guide or deepen new learning in the selected area of focus and help your school achieve the results you’re targeting. Targeted Coaching Sessions are delivered by a FranklinCovey Coach with dedicated times for the principal, Lighthouse Team, action team(s), and/or grade level teams during planning periods. These sessions do not require a full professional development day – and they do not require you to purchase materials.

Executive Coaching is a one-on-one coaching partnership with a district or school-based leader or small team, established for the purpose of unlocking personal or professional potential, and jointly achieving critical personal and organizational goals.


High School Learning Solutions

Online Learning Management System

FranklinCovey’s high school Leader in Me research-based social emotional learning solution can be delivered instructor-led or completely self-paced through our online Learning Management System.

The four courses: Life Readiness, Leadership Readiness, and College and Career Readiness, focus on building student resilience and creating an inclusive culture.

With a foundation in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People™, course competencies include:

  • Goal Achievement
  • Emotional Control
  • Meeting Management

The courses can be synced with Canvas or other LMS if needed. They can also be integrated into existing classes or offered as a stand-alone elective.


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